A maintenance of informational systems. We are an outsourcing and outstaffing company: Dear partner, we have a large tech staff of permanent IT professionals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Above pricing to include all travel costs – exclusive local VAT. A maintenance which provide SIGIR company is based on a wide outsourcing experience and on the modern technical means, that allows the company implement its services on a high level quality. We offer a fast and reliable service for a convenient price. The company’s experts have gained certificates of the worldwide leaders: Microsoft, Cisco, Trend Micro, IBM, Red Hat, Siemens


Daily Rate FTE

Hourly Rate
business hours*

Hourly Rate
non business hours*


Price and currency

 96 euro

 12 euro

30 euro first hour and 15 euro each next hour




Monthly Rate FTE

Including Backfill for holiday and sick leave

Monthly Rate FTE



Price and currency





For a big companies, IT outsourcing means sharing maintenance risks. For small businesses it is alternative for own IT department. Choosing IT outsourcing services you pay less, than doing this job ourselves, and get an effectiveness and safety.

• Information technology audit
• IT outsourcing (subscribe plans)
• Workstation setting up
• Server setting up and maintenance
• Colocation and virtual hosting
• LAN engineering and installation
• Telephony and VoIP telephony
• Closed-circuit television
• Computer software installation and legalization
• 1C setting up (CIS accounting software)
• Siemens and Cisco tunning
• Facilities maintenance
• Information security
• Web projects and content management
• Computer supply

Our professionalism is a guaranty of your successful business. Our aim is a long-term cooperation. We always pay attention for an expectation of our clients. And besides quality services we have a benefits:

• An experience and resources of the whole IT company to complete your tasks
• Offices in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow
• Cost predictability
• Fast expanding for your needs
• We concentrate on the main business process to make it better
• IT outgoings optimisation

Creating controlled and safety informational system, maintenance under contract, IT outsourcing adapting SLA. Evaluation current state of a system, optimization and backup of the main services, operating administration of the IT infrastructure. Preventive failure work and possibility of fast data recovering work for the informational system. You will get two stationery engineers, unlimited amount of high-priority call. Condition monitoring, reporting. Two offices in the city. Guaranteed registration application time - 30 minutes. The average speed of the problem elimination 2-3 hours. With VPN canals to accomplish the application may take just 5 to 10 minuts.


SIGIR specialists managed great, impeccably and in time with a task or reorganisation a part of the informational system. An accomplished job have satisfied the state specification requirements. Unexpected break or dowmtime is not allowed in our work, hence well-defined observance of obligations is very important requirement for the specialists.

Kireev Andrei Vladimirovich, Head of communication and notification of ICS
EMERCOM of Russia

Our contract with SIGIR has allowed us to decrease the ammount of breaks and our dependance from human resouces issues (recruitment, teaching and motivation of IT-spesialists). As a result, realization of IT-projects, especially setting up a new business solutions and modification some changes in IT-infrastucture have become faster.

Chef accountant, Alina Usipova

An information infrastructure of our company have been managing by a head office in Finland and Swedish. Cooperation with SIGIR has allowed us to get additional efficiency accomplishing daily tasks.

CEO, Merya Vainio
If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, Representation in Saint-Petersburg

SIGIR company has showed high level professionalism, completed all given tasks which requires good understanding of Distributed Control System (DCS) building principles. SIGIR proves itself as a reliable partner, primarily through their well experienced engineers.

CEO, Danilchuk Vitaly Aleksandrovich
Holding SZNK

SIGIR company is our constant partner on an informational system solutions.

General manager, Davydov Dmitry Lvovich
FAKB “Investtorgbank” ZAO “Baltyisky”

We are the biggest IT company in Russia with a branches all over the world. Our business is built up using the most progressive informational technologies. An IT audit of existing informational system by SIGIR company experts allowed us to get an independent look on our IT infrastructure, with a good rebuilding solutions for its several components.

Head of IT department, Kuznetsov Dmitry
Content provider “i-Free”

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